De Tuinen B.V.
"De Tuinen focuses on the care of nature along with the care of the human body"

Charlotte de Koning - Manager Marketing & Communications De Tuinen B.V.

What is the name of your company? And how many branches are there in UK / EU?
“De Tuinen” is a nationwide chain of healthstores with a unique store format, that meets the social trends of today, where the quality of life in a natural and balanced way plays an increasingly important role. The world is changing rapidly, leaving less and less free time to spend on leisure, family, friends or ourselves. Internet, mobile phones, higher working pressure and many social “obligations” causes little time to enjoy.

De Tuinen offers peace and helps the visitors in their quest for more wellness. De Tuinen currently has 118 stores in the Netherlands and more are yet to come. Over the past few years the retail chain has experienced a tremendous growth . In 2009, the retail chain consisted of 71 stores, currently there are 118. It’s our ambition to  grow significantly and to expand abroad in the near future.

How important are the advertizing flyers for your company/  what is its purpose? How often and how many advertizing flyers are being distributed by your company?
company? De Tuinen has 17 sales promotions per year and each sales promotion, 3 million flyers are being distributed. For De Tuinen, the brochure is an important tool to inform the customer about products and offers. Because our customers still receive the brochure at home, we reach a lot of people. We’ve experienced that many people who receive the brochure, take their time every week to read flyers they’re interested in. We still observe that in our stores.

What is the value of your organization And what activities does your organization initiates in the fileld of  sustainability, corporate social responsibility, energy conservation, eco-friendly ideas?
The value that the label, and, of course, especially the realization of that, is of great importance for De Tuinen. De Tuinen focuses on the care of nature along with the care of the human body and is from day one hidden in our DNA. We were already ‘green’ before it became a real trend. Read more about this in our Plan-it-Green policy. For example, de Tuinen stopped  handing out plastic bags and now sells FSC- certified paper bags and a durable jute bag. With the amount of the bags, trees are being planted, in cooperation with the ‘Stichting Natuurmonumenten’ (Society for preservation of nature monuments in the Netherlands).

Prevention is better than cure, right?

The logo of our organization: may only be used by our partners and customers. Their trial is objectively verified. So you can safely assume that companies with this label are 100% committed to a cleaner world for you and your children!

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