A clean world for us and our children!

The average temperature on earth rises. According to the IPCC this is a result of climate change, caused by human action, such as deforestation, increased use of fossil fuels and industrial activities. This causes an increase of greenhouse gases, such as CO2.

Besides climate change, there is also concern about the increasing use of resources. The pollution, scarcity and rising prices as a result of that, require large companies to unite in a common approach for a cleaner world. Cleanprinting.org contributes to this, by being committed to a cleaner, more energy saving, more environmentally friendfly and a 100% (!) CO2-free printing process.

Printing and distribution of advertising material needs, in our opinion, to be improved. For example, we encourage the use of paper from responsibly-managed forests (eg FSC and PEFC) and the use of ‘clean’ transport (eg transport by trucks with Euro 6 engines).

We are committed to the reduction of polluting chemicals and gases, that are released during the printing process). Finally, we encourage the use of turbines for energy efficient presses and we invest in the ‘extraction’ of the released CO2-gas in the printing process and make it completely clean by using a very modern technology. Click here for more information on this innovative and super clean technology: www.jungfer-care.de.

The things mentioned above are in our opinion a revolutionary step forward, compared to the so-called ‘climate neutral’ approach, in which the CO2 first goes into the air, but finally has to be neutralized elsewhere in the world by planting trees again …

Prevention is better than cure, right?

The logo of our organization: cleanprinting.org may only be used by our partners and customers. Their trial is objectively verified. So you can safely assume that companies with this label are 100% committed to a cleaner world for you and your children!

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