Expert Groep B.V.
"De Tuinen rückt die Sorge für die Natur in Kombination mit der Pflege des menschlichen Körpers in den Mittelpunkt"

Jan H. Holsappel (SMP) - Head of Marketing, eCommerce and Procurement Nederlandse Expert Groep B.V.

What is name of your retail? And how many shops there are in UK / EU?
Nederlandse Expert Groep B.V. Store format: Expert 150 stores in the Netherlands; 3,300 stores in Europe!

Give a short and concise description of your business and what is the difference between you and your competitors:
With 150 electro shops in the Netherlands Expert the only real alternative for people who are not looking to great and cheap, but for personal advice, the best service and a reliable store that guarantees carefree enjoy top quality electronic devices at home!

How important is the (doordrop) folder for your business or the intended effect? How often and how many leaflets are distributed leaflets?
We currently distribute in the Netherlands (almost weekly) about 3.5 million leaflets. So with about 165 million doordrop leaflets in the Netherlands, you can say that this is a very important Expert ‘traffic-medium’!

Why did you (and your retail) made the choice to assign the printing of your leaflets to Jungfer-rototov?
Because of the good ratio of price and quality of Jungfer, the personal attention and flexible service of rototov. Then, moreover, of course the fact that we print our leaflets on FSC paper at one of the most modern printing companies in Europe with an almost CO2-free printingprocess. Expert strive for the realization of her business-targets in the most sustainable way.

What value for your organization label? And what activities undertakes your organization in terms of sustainability, corporate social responsibility, energy saving, environmental friendliness?
The more retailers to switch to Jungfer-rototov and the more leaflets there with the label, the more visible it is for our customers (the consumer). For Expert it has a lot of value that we show our commitment to a very practical contribution to sustainability, energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact. In addition to our ‘green’ leaflet, printed on FSC paper, we are working to equip the Expert stores with LED lighting and environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient heaters and airconditioners. We only do business with top quality suppliers who lead in developing and producing the most energy-efficient appliances, such as washing machines, heat pump (tumble) dryers, refrigerators, LED TVs etc. etc.

Do you want to explain something specific? Do you have any additions?
If people want to know more about Expert, they can always (familiar close) to one of our 150 electro-stores or visit our website

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